Stay Spooky Bundle
Stay Spooky Bundle
Stay Spooky Bundle

Stay Spooky Bundle

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Whether you're more Burton or Del Toro, Hammer or Romero, you have an attraction to the macabre and a need for creativity. You have an affinity for both fantasy and realism. You often recognize—and relish—the inherent absurdity of life.

"Stay Spooky" is your touchstone.

Comprising a pile of stickers—three different sets, and two singles—as well as a postcard to go with them, this "Stay Spooky" bundle is your way to maintain resilience, when reality has gotten a little bit too dark for comfort.

With this pack, you'll hold Halloween in your heart all through the year.

• 'stay spooky' postcard
• skull sticker set (sheet of four)
• 'stay spooky' sticker set (sheet of four)
• halloween icons sticker set (sheet of six)
• 'every day is Halloween' sticker
• 'stay spooky' sticker