Enchanting Seasonal Stationery Fundraiser Subscription Box: Halloween Edition
not the exact items you'll get in the box, but an example of the type and quality

Enchanting Seasonal Stationery Fundraiser Subscription Box: Halloween Edition

The magic of a cool, clear autumn evening. Moths fluttering around a candle, and bats flying across the moon. The seductive scent of nighttime flowers, with a sky overhung by a million shining stars.

October box subscribe deadline has passed! Signups for January's edition start in a few weeks. To be notified when things open up again, sign up here!

If you're here, you probably witness the turn of the year with specifically-seasonal vegetables, evocative candles, and a rotating selection of handsoap. (Us too.) So you're gonna love this way to honor the changing of the seasons with your stationery as well.


Every three months, get a charming haul of stickers, greeting cards, paper products—and surprises!—sent right to your door.

• Decorate each new season in your bullet journal.
• Send notes to your far-off beloveds.
• Get new treats for yourself, like enamel pins or notepads or wall art.
• Feel the turn of the year every time you open up a new box.

Each box contains over $70 worth of products, but only costs $50. And with a new theme each quarter, and items designed specifically for that theme, you'll never get the same thing twice.

And if getting things isn't enough, you'll also be giving, too; a portion of the proceeds from each box will raise funds for justice, science, and/or history.


Bats, moths, and witches, and the flowers they love. This season is a cauldron of science and spookiness, and as always, every single piece was designed especially for this collection.

This Halloween box is fundraising for Merlin Tuttle's Bat Conservation, an organization we're connected with through our Vespertilio Major shirt.



When's the last day to sign up?
If you're not already subscribed, the deadline is in the second week of the previous month, with the specific day listed at the top of the page. That gives us three weeks before the boxes are due to go out, so that we have time to order enough for everybody and get it boxed up and ready to send.

If you're already subscribed, just let it roll, baby!

When will the boxes go out?
The first week of the month, and as close to the first day as practical.

When will my card be charged?
Your first charge will happen when you first subscribe. After that, it'll happen three weeks before the next boxes are due to go out. We'll give you a heads-up when it's about to happen, too, just so there aren't any surprises. Beyond that, be sure you're subscribed at crowglass.com/newsletter if you want to keep it top of mind.

What about shipping?
Domestic (U.S.) shipping is included. But unfortunately, unlike bigger subscription boxes, we're still too small to be able to afford free shipping internationally. The moment that changes we'll drop the shipping for folks abroad, though, because we know now much it sucks.

Will I be getting the things in the top picture?

The products with the moths and bats? In a way! Those are somewhere between concept art and works in progress. But they're a good example of the sort of thing you'll get, without giving up ALL the secrets. The surprise is part of the fun!

What's up with all the stuff in the bottom example picture? I thought this box was about bats and moths.
They're not the exact items for this theme, but a great example of the size of haul you'll get, and the sort of things that might be in it. If you're interested in those specific products, we sell many of those stickers and cards elsewhere in the store!