Krampus Pursuant laundry bag

Krampus Pursuant laundry bag

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This Krampus is chasing, following, tromping wild through the winter woods to get...someone. Maybe you?

A Krampus is an Eastern European demon-goat figure, set to punish misbehaving children (and perhaps adults) in the holiday season, specifically the evening of December 5th.

While thematically hilarious, this laundry bag is not to be used for capturing your or others' children—though if you wanted to use it as a prop for holiday photographs, we really could not blame you.

Whatever or whoever it captures, this figure is certain to snag people's attention. It's the perfect design for starting a convo about your local Krampus Run, alternate holiday celebrations, or the darkness of midwinter.

Ensnare your quarry in style.


Available in both 18" x 32" and 28" x 36", our super strong poly poplin laundry bag securely carries any clothing load. Complete with cotton web straps for maximum convenience.