Enchanted Subscription Box: Haunted Hayride

It's Halloween time, and we're riding through the season on a haunted hayride!
We hope you're loving your Halloween artwork!
Included in the box, you will find:
  • an art postcard (on the back of the intro)
  • a pack of 4 greeting cards
  • pack of 4 notecards
  • an enamel pin
  • one purple sticker sheet
  • one yellow sticker sheet
  • a shiny, round sticker
  • one rectangular sticker
  • a sheet of four round stickers
  • a sheet of six stamp-sized stickers

***LEARN MORE about the (nebulous and varied) History of Halloween***
There are lots of myths out there about the genesis of Halloween.
We can take the reports of Celtic origin with a grain of salt—there aren't first-person written records, so anything that comes to us from them was written by the victors, or is only hearsay, or was (often) made up in the 19th century—but there are practices from the British Isles which do seem to have contributed DNA to our modern holiday. Check out the links below for various entertaining and thought-provoking reports.