Enchanted Stationery Subscription Box: Summer 2021

We hope you're loving your summertime artwork!

Included in the box, you will find:

-1 art postcard (on the back of the intro)
-a pack of 3 greeting cards
-a pack of 3 notecards
-a bookmark
-an enamel pin
-a shiny, round, gold sticker
-two rectangular black stickers
-a sheet of four round stickers
-a sheet of six stamp-sized stickers

This season, we're looking to the stars.

The summer triangle is an asterism comprising the constellations Lyra (the lyre), Aquila (the eagle), and Cygnus (the swan). Your art combines these constellations with designs inspired by early Medieval British goldwork, such as that of the Sutton Hoo burial and Staffordshire Hoard finds.