Enchanting Subscription Box: Halloween Edition
Enchanting Subscription Box: Halloween Edition
Enchanting Subscription Box: Halloween Edition
Enchanting Subscription Box: Halloween Edition

Enchanting Subscription Box: Halloween Edition

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Sign up now to reserve your limited edition Halloween 2021 Box! Subscriptions are open, and will run until September 2nd, at which point we'll take a brief pause. Don't miss out!


This box is the flicker of firelight on skeletal branches, a crow call and a rusting hinge.
This box is the hollow thump of a new gourd, as it rolls amid the fallen leaves.
It's the sharp-edged grin of an ancient jack-o'-lantern.
It's a crisp and fragrant breeze.
This box is a late-autumn harvest, a time to reap some fun.




Three times a year, get a charming haul of stickers, greeting cards, paper products—and surprises!—sent right to your door.

Each limited edition box contains around $70 worth of cute-cool, matchy-matchy stationery. And with a new theme every four months, and items designed specifically for that theme, you'll never get the same thing twice.

But only a limited number of boxes will be made, and after they're gone, they're gone.

Decorate your bullet journal. Send notes to your far-off beloveds. Get fresh new treats for yourself, like enamel pins or notepads or wall art. Revel in a new theme every time you open up a new box.

Enjoy this convenient way to grow your stationery stash, and know that you're helping to support a super-small business while you do.


When's the last day to sign up?
If you're not already subscribed, the deadline is in the first week of the previous month, with the specific day listed at the top of the page. That gives us a month before the boxes are due to go out, so that we have time to order enough for everybody and get it boxed up and ready to send.

If you're already subscribed, just let it roll, baby!

When will the boxes go out?
October, February, and June.

When will my card be charged?
Your first charge will happen when you first subscribe. After that, it'll happen one month before the next boxes are due to go out. We'll give you a heads-up when it's about to happen, too, just so there aren't any surprises. Beyond that, be sure you're subscribed at crowglass.com/newsletter if you want to keep it top of mind.

What about shipping?
Domestic (U.S.) shipping is included. But unfortunately, unlike bigger subscription boxes, we're still too small to be able to afford free shipping internationally. The moment that changes we'll drop the shipping for folks abroad, though, because we know now much it sucks.

What will the designs look like?

It's a surprise! But if you'd like an idea of the kind of art that's gone out in previous boxes, check out the listing images for examples of the size of haul you'll get, and the sort of things that might be in it.

If you're interested in those specific products, we sell many of those stickers and cards elsewhere in the store!

What happens if I miss a box? Or want to send one as a gift to a friend?
There might be a small pile of leftover boxes available in the shop after the fact. The best way to know is to subscribe at crowglass.com/newsletter. But single boxes cost more, and are first come-first served, so subscribing is the absolute most convenient, cheapest, certain, and easy way to be sure you don't miss a thing.