Halloween Cat Tote Bag
Halloween Cat Tote Bag

Halloween Cat Tote Bag

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"Halloween Cat"—A bristling wreath of bone, beasts, and botanicals.

(And, obviously, candy.)

The skull of a cat is tucked in among a medley of seasonal and thematic items to evoke the thrill of trick or treating and the senses of the season.

It's a walk through spooky gardens on an autumn evening. The decoration on a neighbor's door. The bite in the air, the crisp sound of leaves, the dusty smell of drying marigolds. The distant witch's cackle from a spooky soundtrack down the road. The sweet flutter of anticipation, either of a sweet or of a scare.

All of them combine to feel uniquely Halloween, just as all the pieces of this wreath combine to do the same.

The grouping includes:

-Snapdragon leaves and seedheads
-Rudbeckia ("summerina brown")
-Chrysanthemum petals
-Maple leaves
-Amaryllis ("dancing queen")
-Snake's Head Fritillary
-Pussy Willow

as well as

-spiders and webs
-and candy (including, of course, candy corn)

This is truly a bag that will always remind you how Halloween feels.